Sign Company Saves Tens of Thousands on Hartford Workers Compensation Insurance

You will never know if you’re getting the best rate for Hartford Workers Compensation Insurance unless you’ve reviewed the policies, researched the coverages, compared the rates or located a knowledgeable insurance professional to complete these tasks on your behalf. At Burgess Co. Insurance, we comparison-shop the way you would if you had the time and knew what to look for. We also review your policy annually to head off any classification or rating changes that might cost you money.

The Situation

A Hartford area sign making company asked us to review their Workers’ Comp policy because their premiums were high. Based on our experience, we knew that their policy’s business classification and rating would probably reveal what we needed to know.

Connecticut Workers Compensation Class Codes designated Sign Manufacturing Companies as high-risk and subject to higher rates. Because signs are customarily installed in elevated locations, the classification incorporated the increased risk for worker injuries.

The Burgess Solution

Business misclassification is common. It often results in inadequate insurance coverage and high premiums. We resolve classification dilemmas during the underwriting process by asking enough questions of a prospective client to get a clear understanding of their business operations.

By asking the right questions, we determined that the sign manufacturer’s workers usually hung signs at the first-floor level. Although they rarely used ladders or other elevation devices, their policy was rated based on the higher-risk sign-maker classification. That error was costing them money.

The Results

Classification errors are often overlooked by agencies due to inexperience, lack of knowledge, or failure to understand the importance. When we changed the sign manufacturer’s business classification from its previous high-risk category to “first-floor sign hanging,” that simple switch saved the client tens of thousands of dollars in Workers compensation premiums.

At Burgess, we understand that your business is unique. You require more than a cookie-cutter insurance solution. That’s why we tailor your insurance to fit your company. For Hartford Workers Compensation Insurance Contact us at 860-644-2534 for a coverage review, a free quote or more information.

“On occasion, I go out of my way to recommend a vendor who has greatly exceeded my expectations and who I know can be an asset to other businesses – especially in a sensitive, and oftentimes major overhead line item such as insurance. About six months ago,  Vince Prestileo owner of T M Burgess in South Windsor, Connecticut, took over as ARTfx new insurance agent and I am grateful I decided to bring him in.

Vince specializes in business insurance, not personal auto, homeowners, health, or life… and he is a seasoned expert.  I’m letting you know because ARTfx’ insurance costs had spiraled out of control before Vince and his son, Scott, saved us tens of thousands of dollars, accomplishing what recently seemed impossible – getting our insurance costs under control and putting our hard earned money back into our company where it belongs.

The day after I contacted Vince, he was here with me to study my business and our current insurance policies.  Immediately, he made some excellent recommendations on cost-saving measures that had been previously overlooked.  They included worker compensation classification changes that more accurately reflect what we do, along with discounts on our vehicles and general liability, all with substantially improved coverage.

Frankly, I don’t know how much longer we could have continued paying previous rates.  Vince vastly improved that aspect of our business when we truly needed it, and for that reason, I feel compelled to return the favor, and strongly recommend him to improve your bottom line and overall coverage with better business insurance.  If he can save you a mere fraction of what he saved ARTfx, it will be well worth your while.”

Lawrin Rosen Arteffects , Bloomfield CT