Improper Vehicle classification Causes Premium Overcharge

Hartford Commercial Auto Insurance

The Situation

A Hartford area business owner found out first hand how costly a single rating factor can be fro his Hartford Commercial Auto Insurance. His commercial auto insurance carrier classified all of his vehicles based on garaging in Hartford, the city with the highest insurance rates in the state of Connecticut. The business was located in Hartford, so it may have seemed logical to the agent to assume that business vehicles were garaged in the city as well.

The Burgess Solution

As with many of our Hartford Commercial Auto Insurance clients, we reviewed the existing policy. We asked where the vehicles were garaged, and learned that employees took company vehicles home at night. Not one of the business vehicles was garaged in the city, but the agent had never asked that question. Our solution was simple. We wrote a Hartford Commercial Auto Insurance policy reflecting accurate garage locations for company vehicles.

The Results

A simple change saved this business owner thousands of dollars in Commercial Auto Insurance Policy premiums. He used his savings to purchase other insurance coverages he’d needed but had been unable to afford.